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Do you love beer? We sure do. We also love the bush, the coast and trying new things, so we created a tour that showcases all of the above. During this amazing roadtrip you and your freinds will visit 5 breweries and try up to 40 beers and ciders of all different types on your own private tour.


  • Tastings at all 5 breweries.
  • A hearty lunch at Forrest Brewery (vegetarian and vegan options available).
  • Tours at 3 breweries (all three breweries use different methods).
  • Redgum Roadtrips stubby holders.
  • Snacks, bottled water and an esky full of ice on the bus for any beers that take your fancy at the breweries.
  • Our seasoned guides with a wealth of knowledge and insights to enhance your journey.
  • A private bus with all your modern comforts.
  • All travel and national park fees.

We pick you up and drop you off from any location of your choice within Geelong or the central Melbourne area.

Where we go:

Explore Geelong, the Otways, the Great Ocean Road and the Surf Coast while hearing the many classic tales of the region and its rich history in beer.

  • First stop 10am: Little Creatures brewery and White Rabbit brewery, we start things off big with a tour of both breweries. They are situated right next door to each other, but don’t be fooled, they use very different techniques to make very different beers. Creatures offer big aromatic new world, American style beers, while white rabbit take an old world approach, creating delicious European inspired brews. Tastings and tours included.


  • Second stop: Prickly Moses brewery @ Otway Estate, these guys have a crazy amount of beers and ciders out there in the bush . They are a great example of the creativity in the Australian craft beer scene and are not afraid to try new things, and you shouldn’t be either because they make great brews. We tour the brewery to see how its done in a smaller operation. Tastings and tour included.


  • Third stop (lunch): Forrest Brewing Company, after a short drive through some backroads and bush we arrive in the tiny town of Forrest. These guys are still using a very hands on approach to brewing and pay attention to every detail throughout the process. Because of this, their range is incredibly solid, with each beer standing out for its characteristics and quality. Easily some of our all-time favourite beers. Tasting paddle, Lunch and drink included.


  • Forth stop: We drive down through the Otway rainforests to Lorne to have a quick toilet stop and take a photo opportunity at the beach before heading up the great ocean road to our next stop.


  • Fifth stop: Rogue Wave Brewery @ Aireys Pub, this place is made for having a good session, and it’s not just because of their great range of moreish coastal inspired session beers, brewed on site. The Aireys pub has live music and a beer garden with a view of the ocean. It’s a great place to let the clock run and finish out the afternoon. Tasting paddle included.

We have a relaxed approach to how long each stop lasts and don't mind if the tour takes a bit longer. If your having fun then so are we. However, the businesses we visit are our friends so please act appropriately, as they have the right to refuse us entry. (maximum tour length 12 hours)

The people making beer down here are equally as skilled as they are passionate about making it and it really shines through in their high quality brews. From bigger craft beer operations with automated production lines and teams of great brewers bringing liquid gold to the masses to smaller breweries and  local craftsman with attention to detail, still hand capping their bottles, this tour has it all. We get to enjoy the views of the great ocean road as well as take a few backroads to get from brewery to brewery, which means we get to show off our beloved countryside as we cruise and banter while listening to whatever tunes your crew think suits the mood.

Let Redgum Roadtrips take you and your senses on an adventure as you raise a glass with mates in this beautiful corner of the world


( minimum amount of people: 8 )

prices subject to change *


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