Ready to hit the road

Hello world, Redgum Roadtrips is finally here.

This project has been something that has been a constant work in progress for the last 10 years of my life. I grew up in Geelong and on the Bellarine Peninsula and as a young man I spent a lot of my time on the coast and down in the Otway forests. Although I adored what we have here, I could not wait to get out there and explore the world. I found my ticket out, and my calling in life, being a tour guide. I enrolled at the Gordon TAFE to do an Advanced Diploma of Tourism Management and Guiding and loved every second of it. I’ll take this moment to give a shout out and a massive thanks to all of the tourism faculty at the Gordon for your wisdom and the Rotary Club for showing me support by awarding me a scholarship for my final year of study. Since I finished that course I have traveled to over 35 countries and had the pleasure of guiding in 20 of them, as well as a healthy dose of guiding in these fine lands we call home. From relaxing days taking groups sailing in the Whitsundays, to the thrills of skydiving with my passengers over the Swiss Alps and then, with the same group, experiencing the emotions of a visit to the concentration camps of World War 2. This career has given me some priceless experiences and an amazing life so far. I can’t think of any better way to spend the next chapter creating amazing experiences for other people and getting to show off the place that I call home.

The idea for Redgum Roadtrips has been with me from the start, but I knew I had to get out there and spread my wings and learn some lessons before really throwing myself into it. I have learnt a lot from all the tour operators and tour guides I have worked with over the last decade and I look forward to working with some of you with Redgum Roadtrips. Luckily I made sure to compile lots of notes and feedback from my experiences to fine tune my idea into something really exciting.

We are really stoked to be able to offer this product to everybody and can’t wait to really showcase what is on offer in this amazing corner of the world. This service is not just designed for tourists but also for locals to get together, explore and celebrate what we have right here. We at Redgum have been to a lot of really great places around the globe and this area is on par with most of them. Lonely Planet recently named the Bellarine Peninsula number nine in the top ten best value destinations of the world! And we all know how amazing the Otways and the Great Ocean Road are. Our home is on the world stage and we are lucky enough to live here.

If you and your friends want to be chauffeured, entertained and given one hell of a day out on a private tour, then book a roadtrip with us. However if you are just wanting to take yourself for a drive and are looking for something to do on the way, jump on the Clubhouse section of our site. It will always have great upcoming events and exciting new local businesses to check out. Trust me there are plenty of world class experiences around.

A huge thankyou to my amazing team and wonderful partner in crime Millie, and to everybody that has helped us make this a reality and given us inspiration. It has appeared in so many different ways. It’s now time to pass on the love by supporting local businesses and creating as much fun, fond memories and good vibes as we possibly can.

Big love to all and we hope to see you soon at Redgum Roadtrips.

Harvey 🙂