Something big is brewing down in Forrest

There has been a big move in the craft beer industry in recent years, this is not just because a lot of craft beers are delicious, but mostly comes from hard working passionate brewers, putting in the hard yards to make amazing product and then promoting it in all the right ways. It also comes off the back of a certain big beer company not looking after their staff, which has led a lot of people to turn their backs on the old favourites and go elsewhere for their fix of the good stuff. Thankfully there is an amazing number of craft breweries on offer now. This is a great thing for a beer lover, as it means you will always be spoiled for choice, it can even be a little over whelming at times. What it also means is that you can be happy knowing you are supporting local businesses and creating jobs within this great industry when you take a mouthful of the liquid gold.

We at Redgum Roadtrips are delighted to see the Andrews government getting on board by injecting cash into the industry with a few lucky breweries getting grants of up to $1.5million. Forrest Brewing Company is one of the breweries on the list, and we couldn’t think of a better brewery to support. The story of their success is one of hard work and community, bringing a small town back to life by making good brews and creating a destination for travellers from all over the globe. Forrest was known for its timber industry, but years earlier had closed down and had left the town a bit of a sleepy hollow. That is until Matt and Sharon Bradshaw decided to make it their home and create not only a brewery but a place to visit, eat good food and take in the beautiful surroundings of the Otway Ranges. With the grant they plan to build a new brewery just down the road in the old timber mill that closed years before. It couldn’t be a better site and they have big plans for it.

The planned brewery will be capable of producing up to 300,000 litres of beer every year, which will help the company meet increasing demand and expand its market.The new site will feature an 80-seat restaurant and a 120-seat function space, suitable for hosting both private and festival-style events. It will also include 20 eco-units with accommodation for up to 120 people.The grant is being put to excellent use as the project will create 15 new jobs and capitalise on the growing culinary tourism in the area.

If you’re looking for somewhere to go on one of our roadtrips or just a great spot to visit or even spend the weekend, then head to Forrest and see what all the fuss is about.