Terms and Conditions


Its all very boring but feel free to read on:

  1. This site and all services offered on it are offered by Redgum Roadtrips (ABN: 96 397 813 445)
  2. All extra expenses and additional services included into each roadtrip itinerary will be at the customers’ expense. As specified.
  3. Changes to the booked itinerary, including number of people, must be made 48 hours prior to start of the roadtrip and agreed upon by Redgum Roadtrips and may lead to an added cost to the customer.
  4. All paid activities undertaken during a roadtrip will be at the expenses of the customer, unless otherwise stated in Redgum Roadtrip documentation.

Child Policy

  1. All children under the age of 7 years of age must be announced at time of booking. Car seats are to be provided by the parents/guardians and must meet the Australian safety standards. Parents/guardians take full responsibility for installation of and choice of car seats. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Large strollers or a number of strollers may require the use of a trailer. If this is the case it will be an addition to the amount charged on the invoice for the roadtrip.

Payment terms

  1. All bookings remain unvalidated by Redgum Roadtrips until you receive a booking confirmation email and a deposit is paid. If the booking is available, you will be provided with a link to make your payment of 10% of the full cost of the booking using a PayPal or direct debit. By booking your roadtrip through said link, you agree to the given Terms and Conditions agreement between Redgum Roadtrips and you as a customer.
  2. By paying the booking deposit you as the customer have also agreed to the itinerary that has been designed by Redgum Roadtrips.
  3. Full payment of the booking must be made 1 week prior to the day the roadtrip is set to embark, Redgum Roadtrips retains the right to cancel the tour without any further explanation until the customer has made their payment.
  4. In the case of the tour cancellation due to our fault, Redgum Roadtrips guarantees to give a full refund to the customer.

Cancellation policy

  1. If the tour is cancelled, 1 week or earlier prior the tour date, the payment will be reimbursed however the deposit of 10% of the total cost will not be refunded. In the case of a later cancellation (with-in 1 week of the day the roadtrip is set to embark) your prepayment will not be refunded.
  2. The customer must show the guide their booking confirmation sent to them after the full payment has been made, this can be a digital copy. The guide has the right to ask for the customers’ ID for security purposes.
  3. Safety is our highest priority, for our customers staff and the general public. we will do all we can to provide it, however, we cannot guarantee absolute safety during the roadtrip. Redgum Roadtrips do not take responsibility of any losses or damages of personal belongings and or any injury or illness incurred during the roadtrips, except those occurring due to the obvious negligence of Redgum Roadtrips staff. Thus, when agreeing to the given Terms and Conditions, the customer confirms that they take on full responsibility for the actions they take against the advice of Redgum Roadtrips staff or without their knowing.
  4. Redgum Roadtrips have the right to terminate a tour and or refuse to continue carrying a passenger on the roadtrip whose behavior is unacceptable. This is at the discretion of the guide. This may be caused by disorderly or abusive conduct, an inadequacy of clothing; intoxication, incapacity or inability to meet the general safety regulations of the roadtrip or any other reason the guide my feel to be appropriate. In this case, the cost of the tour will not be refunded
  5. Large personal belongings or a large amount of luggage may require the use of a trailer. If this is the case it will be an addition to the amount payable on the invoice.
  6. Smoking on board Redgum Roadtrips vehicles is strictly prohibited. Time will be allocated for individuals who choose to smoke during the tour.
  7. If there are any problems at all during the tour Redgum Roadtrips staff are always prepared to listen, an anonymous feedback service will be provided towards the end of every roadtrips to gain information and continually improve our services. If further correspondence is needed customers are welcome to call or email to discuss any issues they may have, we are very open to listen to our customers and take on board anything they have to add.
  8. Redgum Roadtrips kindly recommends all participants to obtain travel insurance.

Confidential policy

  1. Redgum Roadtrips maintains the high level confidentiality of private details obtained during the booking and the tour itself.
  2. Redgum Roadtrips guarantees that contact details will not be disclosed to third party members and will be used solely for internal purposes.
  3. All photos taken during roadtrips featuring customers faces will only be displayed to the public with consent of the subject appearing in the photo.
    These terms and conditions are agreed to by all passengers of each roadtrip at the time of the booking.